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  • Inter Could Offer Sneijder to Attract Tevez

    dailycom , Manchester - Manchester City had offered to Carlos Tevez to Inter Milan for Wesley Sneijder, according Tevez agent, Kia Jorabchian. Tevez, who no longer live at home in England, became a target of Inter. But the price is too high to make the Milan giants are reluctant to resume negotiations. Inter also offers a second option, namely the exchange Sneijder with Tevez. At that time, playmaker is the figure who most needed City. But ultimately did not continue after the City get Samir Nasri of Arsenal. Reported by talkSPORT: "I know that Inter Sneijder offer in exchange for Carlos, about one or two weeks ago, but after they recruited Nasri, the negotiations came to an end." "City have too many players in the same position. If the City can not get Nasri, the negotiations might reach a deal, "he continued. Meanwhile, Sneijder himself reportedly had almost joined the rival City, Manchester United. But the problem of salaries that fail to meet the intersection to make these negotiations also failed. The midfielder eventually stand at the Giuseppe Meazza.
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