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  • Tens Hacker of Thousands of Dollars Given by Facebook

    dailycom, dozens of people from various countries was given a thank you plus the money of hundreds to thousands of dollars from Facebook. They are the ones who managed to find security holes (bugs) in this popular networking site. Rewards were related programs that Facebook launched about 3 weeks ago in which it offers money to those who could find bugs in the Facebook site. Minimum of $ 500 will be presented on the hackers and par will be added to a specific security hole. Quoted from CNN on Wednesday (31 / 8 / 2011), Facebook says so far they have spent more than $ 40,000 for this program. In fact, there is a hacker who received more than $ 7000 because it found six different issues. Although Facebook has its own security team, bug bounty program is a step which is considered good by Facebook. "We are aware, many talented people and the existing security experts worldwide who do not work for Facebook," said Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer of Facebook. As an appreciation of the hackers from more than 16 countries, Facebook made ​​a special page which and a list containing the names of those who participion in the program.
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